Sunday saw lots of action at Inverleith. We’ll have more photos up for you on the website by way of Kiv’s snap skills, but to whet your appetite, here’s a nice shot of how to have a neat goal, curtesy of the Mens 3s, against Glasgow Uni 3s in their 6-1 win:

[FMP width=”500″ height=”281″][/FMP]

And here is the Mens 2s slotting in their 2nd goal, in their tough game against Gordonian 2s:

And I can pretend this is the penalty corner which lead to the Ladies 2’s winning goal against East Kilbride 1s, but it’s not really, but I’ll put it up anyway:

And for posterity, the hail graffiti created by Kenny which lead to the sending off of Shearer in the Mens 2s: Shearer visible jogging off the pitch, and a very chuffed Gordonians player:

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