The Ladies district teams have weekend off but we still have a full house at Ferry Road on Saturday and a Scottish Plate match on Sunday.

Welcome to our Dutch Visitors Harlem Hockey Club who will be playing our M1 at 1400 on Saturday, it is reported that the winners of this match automatically get into the Champions League….. well it’ll be a good match any way, please come along and show our visitors some Scottish hospitality!

Saturday 18th February

L1 v Granite City
Pitch: Ferry Road
Passback: 1230
Strip: red and white
Umpire: Alisa Dow & Janet Russell

M1 v Harlem HC (friendly)
Pitch: Ferry Road
Passback: 1400
Strip: red & white
Umpire: Chapman & Neelum

M3 v Edin Uni 3
Pitch: Ferry road
Passback: 1530
Strip: red and white
Umpire: Duncan

M4 v Edin Uni 5
Pitch: MES
Passback: 1300
Strip: red and white
Umpire: Katie G

Borders Fjordhus vs AAM Gordonians
Pitch: Tweedbank
Passback: 1430
Umpire: Caroline

Hockey matches this Sunday
M1 v Stirling Wanderers (Scottish Plate Match)
Pitch: Forthbank
Passback: 1330
Strip: red and red
Umpire: TBC

This Tuesday, the 21st, is a men’s training night.

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