Illegal Coq Fights & Virgins Disgraced – That’ll be the 2011 ESM Xmas Party then…..

Friday 2nd December saw the annual Christmas party at our lovely club house, Denise and her crew once again did an incredible job of looking after us, 2011 also saw the introduction of the ESM Vodka Jelly, possibly the tastiest way to enjoy a couple measures of vodka I can think of.

With 62 members in attendance we had an almighty 21 club virgins or in the case of Alan Moyes and a few others returning members. Those who tried to avoid the fact they should have been re-initiated do not think you are off the hook it has been noted……. Laura Robb & Hilary Neill..! The virgins were once again put through their paces and welcomed to the club in true ESM style. Note to virgins 2012: do not…I repeat do not try to rub the V off your forehead….! You have been warned..!

This year once again saw Sophie (its my microphone) Ashcroft dishing out fines for everything from , laughing at your own fines to starting nude armies at T in the Park to being in a club relationship. All agreed that this a job that comes far too naturally to Sophie and so even though she has stepped down as el Captain we hope she will agree to take on this role for years to come.

Our raffle again was well supported by businesses across the city, a huge thanks to The Players Lounge, Charlie Miller Hairdressing, Lebowskis, Grand Cru, The New York Steam Packet and Ricks for their generous donations. We encourage all members to return the gesture in kind!

The story of the night had to be the coaches challenge, Ian Chapman of the girls club versus the man….the legend Flynny….I am please to report Flynny did the business….not only beating Chapman in a pint race but then giving him a good seeing to as well. A night to be proud of I am sure all will agree.

To the members who came, spent their money, bought their raffle tickets and generally speaking behaved themselves…… thank you. With out you we wouldn’t have had the night that it was. Details of the end of season dinner will be out soon and we hope to see you all there!

Your Socials,

Katie & Jurgen

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