Ladies and Gentlemen

You are cordially invited to one of the biggest nights of theEdinburgh social calendar, the Christmas Party. Following on from 2010 that saw fights over fair maidens, club virgins failing to get past go on their initiations and the highest number of club fines ever issued (thank you Sophie) in one night we invite you to come and do it all again!

For your ticket you will receive a three course meal that beats anything you will find in any restaurant, some of the finest vintage wines this side of Uddingston and of course your choice of mince pies for directing at your club virgin of choice. Speaking of the club virgins, boys and girls alike will once again fight it out to show they have what it takes to be true ESM Hockey Club members under the supervision of the hardest drinks task master known in any hockey club!!!

Santa and his merry Elf will be making a jolly return, he will have his list, although knowing this Santa I doubt he will have checked it twice! Elf abuse is not encouraged and will in all likelihood lead to you receiving a fine from club Supremo Sophie….you have been warned!

Tickets will be going on sale soon with information to follow from your captains! We hope as many of you as possible can make it and look forward to an even better night than last year!

Love and booze,

Katie and Jurgen

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