ESM Covid Guidelines

As we welcome everyone back to hockey, we have developed some guidelines for safe return to play in line with the current guidance from Scottish Hockey.

These rules apply to Hockey only. In all other circumstances the Scottish Goverment’s current rules in relation to social distancing, use of public transport etc apply.

The ESM Covid Officer is our Club Captain, Graeme Pearson.

  • Arrive ready to play, no more than 5 mins ahead of the start of the session. There is no access to the Hockey Pavilion or changing rooms for players or parents.
  • If early, wait in the designated waiting area, or in your own vehicle
  • Ensure hands have been washed/sanitised – please bring your own sanitiser
  •  Other than players in age groups U12s and below, maintain 2 metres social distance at all times when off the pitch.
  • No spectating unless a parent or guardian is supervising a vulnerable child or adult. Those doing so must abide by the 2m distancing rule and not enter the pitch enclosure.
  • An attendance register will be kept at each session to assist with track and trace. Please register before entering the pitch enclosure.
  • Make your way straight to the designated training area and do not enter other training areas
  • Adults: pitch split into 2 halves; 30 players per half – stay in group of 30 for duration of session
  • Youth: pitch split into 2 halves; 32 players per half- must stay in group of 32 for duration of session
  • Do not touch any equipment. The designated Covid-19 Officer or coach will touch balls, cones and goals.  
  • Bring your own stick, mouthguard, shin guards and named water bottle
  • Training must be strictly no contact e.g. no high fives, handshakes etc.
  • Do not spit or clear nasal or respiratory secretions on the field of play or elsewhere!
  • At the end of the session, follow any instructions from the Covid-19 Officer, or coach and leave immediately. Parents must ensure children are collected promptly at the end of the session.
  • Please leave the pitch promptly after the session and sanitise your hands on exit
  • Pavilion and associated welfare facilities to remain closed.  First aid kit will be located pitch side.
  • Youth players may use toilets in an emergency, on a one-in-one-out basis and only with permission from a coach
  • Use of dugouts is prohibited
  • Please dispose of any litter at home

Please advise us, prior to attending a session, if you:

  • are in the high risk/vulnerable group category
  • live with someone in this category
  • have had any symptoms
  • have come into contact with Covid-19
  • have recently travelled from a country currently on the Scottish Government quarantine list
Scottish Hockey Phase 3 guidelines