Erskine Stewart's Melville Hockey Club, EdinburghWe are holding our AGM this weekend on Saturday May 14th at 2:00pm in our clubhouse on Ferry Road.  But it’s not just a boring old AGM!!!  We are playing a testimonial bounce match for our leaving Spanish student Diego first.  AND there will be food provided during the AGM as well.

Then we will be having leaving drinks for Diego after (about 4pm) in the clubhouse, then who knows…..

This is your chance to get your ideas across and also to volunteer to the running of your club!! So please make every effort to attend.

Running Order

11:30pm – Meet at Pitch

12:00pm – Mixed bounce game (still spaces available if you want to play)

2:00pm – Annual General Meeting (with Match Teas)

4:00pm – Drinks in the clubhouse

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