This past Sunday was the last weekend of games for our youth hockey section.  The final match reports are below.  But fear not, there is still more youth hockey to come.  We still have some spaces left for our Youth Easter Hockey Camps and will hopefully have a mini-youth training during the summer term.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

Sabres match reports – 20/03/16

Game 1 – The ESM Sabres’ last league game of the season was against a Watsonians team several inches higher than the ESM warriors. ESM started on the back foot and fought well to keep Watsonians out, with everyone doing their defensive bit. A goal was eventually conceded to go down 1-10.

ESM Youth Hockey Club, Edinburgh, Field hockey, East Fettes Avenue, ESMHC
Team photo

A stop in play to tape up Lucy’s broken kicker seemed to breath new life into the team – the Sabres were drawn. The Sophies and Millie worked tirelessly in midfield and when Brodie decided that attack was the best form of defence, his shot made it into the goal with a few defensive deflections. The team held on well (and might even have stolen a victory) for a very good 1-1 result in their last league fixture of the season.

Game 2 – The friendly that followed against WIT followed a very similar pattern – the somewhat taller opponents started the game on top and a goal was eventually conceded. Rosie, Brodie and the midfield kept out further attacks before the Sabres again realised they had the hockey skills to overcome any height difference, and worked their way back into the game with some good passing up the pitch.

Jenny took advantage of some nice work by the midfield leaving her with the chance to shoot for the equaliser. Another very good 1-1 result.

Two very good performances from the Sabres to end the season well. Huge thanks to Ian for so successfully taking charge of the Sabres in recent matches!

Mavericks match reports 20/03/16

A fantastic spring day at Peffermill to mark the end of a great season for Mavericks, who have stepped up to the challenge of a new league group with great enthusiasm.

ESM Youth Hockey, ESM Mavericks, Field Hockey, Hockey, EdinburghGame 1: The first game against Fidra was an evenly matched game with good chances falling to both teams. Fidra‘s goalkeeper made some impressive saves from shots from the two Callums, with Fraser also having a good game. A good display from our defenders as well. A game which on another day we might have won. Final score 0-0.

Game 2: The second game was a tough clash against Grange. Grange got the opener from a counter attack, which was disappointing. Soon Grange got another goal on the break. But we were not going to give up. After several good chances, we got our goal. It was a very good one with a great ball up from defence from Dylan which eventually fell to Callum G, who hit it low and hard, which came good assist from Callum M. We kept pushing and came close quite a few times but disappointingly Grange got another 2 goals to make it 4-1 . Once again we kept our heads high and kept up the fight and got a late goal again from Callum G, through the keeper’s legs.! A shame we lost but lots of good plays down the right hand side from Sarah and lots of good moments from Thomas. Craig also played a good part in defence and Calypso made lots of good tackles.

Another good morning of hockey to finish a great season. Very well done ESM Mavericks! Thanks to Ally, Pete and Jane for all their help and support this season.

Eagles match reports 20/03/16

Today was the season’s final game for the Eagles. Closest rivals Inverleith had two games to play, so there was a good chance the team would finish second or with a bit of luck win the league group… Either way though, even second would be an amazing achievement for such a young team in their first season. An update will follow once we hear.

ESM Eagles, ESM youth hockey Club, Edinburgh, Field hockeyVictory was made easier by Grange not being able to field a full team and no goalie, so even though the game ended in a draw (I don’t know how we didn’t score) we won by default. This was our only competitive game. Our second game, all of two hours later after a trip to Costa, was played against the same Grange team. This time around, we kindly gave them our goalie Charlie. He had a much busier time this game, and we should have scored 10 but for his awesome skills!

The team played brilliantly in both matches and once again have shown that age is only a number as they outran and outplayed older teams as they have done all season! Thanks and welcome to new coach Amy who tipped out early this morning!

Can’t wait for next season! Well done everyone involved at the club, particularly Ally and the coaching team.

See you on the 22nd April at the Corn Exchange for the FUN NIGHT to celebrate the achievements of all our teams and raise some money for the Club. (EVERYBODY who reads this report is welcome, it should be a fantastic fun night, tickets only £5, please join us!)

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