Game 1: ESM Sabres vs Livingston HC

The Sabres got off to a quick start on Mother’s Day in their first match against Livingston with an early goal to settle any pre-match nerves (take note Eagles…). Good passing and movement continued to work well as goals were added throughout the game.

Rosie and Brodie “defended” well up the pitch to create too much pressure for Livingston, but the team managed to get back when needed to allow Lucy to keep a clean sheet while the Livingston ‘keeper made a number of saves to keep the score down to 5-0 at the end.

Game 2: ESM Sabres vs Eskvale HC

The second game against Eskvale was a tighter affair – the Sabres took an early lead but, despite good pressing from the midfield Hamish and Jenny, had chances saved by some strong defending. Eskvale then got more into the game – their 2 subs from Waverley started to work well with the rest of the team.

Millie, Matthew and Sara had to work hard in midfield and with Rosie and Brodie in defence. Eventually Eskvale broke through for a goal but with the Sabres having got another and defending well until the whistle, the 2 victories were secured for the weekend.

Many thanks to coach Ian and to all the supporters!

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