It’s the last weekend of fixtures at ESM.  The men’s 3s and 4s are playing at home, and the Vets are playing in a tournament at Peffermill.

M3: Home vs Carnegie @12:30

M4: Home vs Falkirk  @14:00

Then we have the end of season dinner at the clubhouse on Ferry road.  So everyone will getting their glad rags on to celebrate the season past.

We have two things to keep an eye out for over the next couple of months:

  1. ESM kids summer camps that we will be running over the summer holidays.
  2. We will be running adult mixed bounce games on selected Saturdays, so if you’re missing hockey and fancy giving ESM a try, please sign up and come along. Non-members will be welcome as well.

If your not already following us please do so on Facebook at ESMHockeyClub and twitter at @esmhockey




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