Congratulations to everyone who won awards at our End of Season dinner at the weekend. It was a great night also celebrating the Club’s 25th Anniversary.

Players player / top goal scorers

L1: Var Mitchell / Tutu Osifodunrin
M1: David McCandless / Graham Stenhouse
L2: Ruth Johnston / Lucy Dennis
M2: Stuart Watson / Scott Brymer
L3: Elaine Burgess / Suzi Ridley
M3: Scott Smith / Simon Flynn & Craig Watson
L4: Anouk Int Veld / Nikky Reddy
M4: Jamie Stewart / Kevin Watt
Vets: Kevin Watt

Most improved: ladies – Johanna Duthie. Men: Georgie Taylor
Greedy wotnot: Catriona Dunn
Golden Whistle: Peter Lucas-Herald
Happer Award: Ian Moss

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