It’s a BIG hockey weekend. Saturday is gents day at East Fettes so do support your club mates if you can, and the first District Cup matches take place on Sunday. Good luck to everyone this weekend.


Saturday 2 November
M1: Home Cala 1530
M2: Home Clydeside 1400
M3: Stirling Uni 1630 @ Stirling Sports Centre
M4: Home Watsons 1230
L1: Hillhead 1550 @ Jordanhill
L2: Livingston 1230 @ Inveralmond
L3: Cala 1400 @ MES
L4: Linlithgow 1500 @ Linlithgow Academy
Sunday 3 November
M2: Home  Rottenrow 1230 Scottish Hockey District Cup Results
M3: Home Rottenrow II 1400 Scottish Hockey Reserve Cup Results
L2: Livingston 1330 @ Dean Community HS Scottish Hockey District Cup Results
L3: Watsons 1530 @ Forrester Scottish Hockey District Cup Results
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