Friday Round Up: 16th March

Lots of hockey action this weekend. The last game of the season for the league winning Ladies 2s so a good day to watch them, and the M1s, 2s and 3s all playing at the Boneyard. Saturday M1 Home at 1230 versus Motherwell M2 Home tournament on Saturday morning versus the school / old boys M3 Home at 1530 versus Kinross, Umpire Gareth M4 Away at 1400 versus WIT, Umpire Liam L2 Home at 1400 versus Edinburgh Uni 6, Umpire Gareth L3 Away at 1400 versus Grange 4 (Edinburgh Academy), Umpire Jill LDevs Home (MES) at 1530 versus Dunfermline 2,…

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